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1931 Cadillac V12 Roadster (Lot S98)

Mecum Auctions is pleased to announce a two-day auction extravaganza, Texas style! The Largest Collector Car Auction Company rolls into Houston, Texas, for its inaugural event April 13-14, 2012.  The Reliant Center will accommodate over 600 vehicles all conveniently displayed under one roof.

A wide variety of vehicles will cross the auction block; highlights include longtime Houston businessman and collector Sterling McCall offering 25 cars from his “Old Car Museum”, such as a 1931 Cadillac V12 Roadster (Lot S98) and a 1936 Cadillac V16 Sedan (Lot S94). Amos Minter, a well-known Thunderbird collector who also hails from the Lone Star State, will auction an award winning Red/Red 1957 Ford Thunderbird (Lot S117) from his personal collection.

1936 Cadillac V16 Sedan (Lot S94)

President and CEO Dana Mecum expressed, “Last October our company made its Texas debut in the city of Dallas where we were met with a rollicking response. We recognized that Southeast Texas was also hungry for the Mecum brand of auction action, so naturally we gravitated toward the great city of Houston and are excited to bring our auction experience to The Reliant Center.”

The Houston auction is open to the general public beginning Friday morning and continues through Saturday.  Gates open daily at 8 a.m. Central Time with tickets available at the door for only $15.  Discovery’s Velocity Network will broadcast live from The Reliant Center during both days of action. Don’t get left out in the cold, as the consignments are quickly filling the schedule; if you want to be part of this historic inaugural auction event as a buyer or seller go to or call 262.275.5050.1957 Ford Thunderbird (Lot S117)


JL Audio Slash v3 Amplifiers: Back in Black

In 2012, JL Audio is unleashing the latest edition of the legendary Slash amplifiers. The Slash v3’s feature an all-black look that is pure, sexy, evil, with significant changes under the hood as well.

The patented Class D output circuitry in the monoblocks has been enhanced to deliver 20% more power than the previous generation amplifiers. On-board signal processing includes a parametric equalizer and highly advanced crossover controls.

The companion four-channel amplifier is the 300/4v3, offering 75W x 4 from JL Audio’s patented Absolute Symmetry Class A/B output stage.

All models feature JL Audio’s R.I.P.S. (Regulated Intelligent Power Supply) technology to maintain consistent power over a wide range of load impedance’s and supply voltages, as well as Advanced Rollback Thermal protection to keep your music playing under the most demanding conditions.


Continuous Power: RMS method, 11-V – 14.4V @ <0.03% THD+N 4 x 75W @ 1.5 – 4 ohms

2 x 150W @ 3-8 ohms (Bridged)

Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 30 kHz (+0, – 1 dB)

Damping Factor: >200 @ 4 ohms

Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.36 x 9.25 x 13.4 in (60 x 235 x 340 mm)

Availability:  First Quarter 2012

Suggested Retail Price:  USD $649.95/each


Continuous Power: RMS method, 11-V – 14.4V @ <0.05% THD+N 600W @ 1.5 – 4 ohms

Frequency Response: 5-250 Hz (+0, – 1 dB)

Damping Factor: >500 @ 4 ohms

Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.36 x 9.25 x 13.4 in (60 x 235 x 340 mm)

Availability:  First Quarter 2012

Suggested Retail Price:  USD $699.95/each



Continuous Power: RMS method, 11-V – 14.4V @ <0.05% THD+N 1200W @ 1.5 – 4 ohms

Frequency Response: 5-250 Hz (+0, – 1 dB)

Damping Factor: >500 @ 4 ohms

Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.36 x 9.25 x 19.7 in (60 x 235 x 500 mm)

Availability:  Second Quarter 2012

Suggested Retail Price:  USD $1299.95/each


Deviant Wheels continues to break molds

Deviant wheels are about breaking the mold and paving a new road of automotive styling. Each wheel is formed using the highest quality T6-6061 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy to create an uncompromising piece of art that will transform any vehicle. This is where dreams are made, tires are scorched, and perfection is designed. Deviant wheels are for those that refuse to conform and be ordinary. Trendsetters and trailblazers are fashioned here and built using the highest standard US manufactured materials. Even the most detailed fitment specifications can be built to order by our team of craftsman and designers so that the road to innovation is never closed.  Wheels pictured are wheels are 22″, 3 piece forged, brushed center with chrome lips.


Bowers & Wilkins announces dramatically improved new M1 compact monitor and PV1D subwoofer to create powerful Mini Theater systems

MT50 White Grill OffBowers & Wilkins’ M1, the heart of the company’s Mini Theater packages, has been one of the major success stories in the world of home audio. Since launching six years ago, M1 has garnered many glowing reviews, won numerous awards and achieved top selling status around the world. But Bowers & Wilkins always looks for ways to improve its products and with the all new M1 ultra compact loudspeaker, performance is taken to a whole new level.

The M-1 loudspeaker can be a key component in 5.1 packages, acting as it does as all five speakers in a surround set up – a cleverly designed table-top stand lets the center speaker sit horizontally. But it’s also a great stereo solution, as one of the most dramatic upgrades from the out-going M-1 is this speaker’s full range performance: it now offers a stereo performance comparable to larger bookshelf speakers.

In order to achieve these improvements the M-1 has been completely redesigned internally, although only subtle styling differences are visible externally. It features all new drive units, including an in-house designed tweeter, and a bass/mid-range driver that uses the new Anti-Resonance Plug first seen on the high-end PM1 loudspeaker.

As well as these acoustic improvements, the mechanics of the M-1 have been updated, with improved speaker cable terminations and a more robust connection to the stands – a table-top stand and wall bracket are supplied in the box, while, a floor stand is available as an optional extra.

MT60D BlackThe PV1D, easily the most successful Bowers & Wilkins subwoofer globally, gets a dramatic update. While it retains its acoustically principled “pressure vessel” structurally inert shape with opposed balanced drivers cancelling cabinet resonance, the PV1D now moves to the digital platform developed for the flagship Bowers & Wilkins DB1 subwoofer and includes a dynamic EQ circuit.  This provides increased flexibility and performance enhancements that, coupled with new drive units and amplification, lead to dramatically improved output.  In fact, the PV1D has a +/-3db specification of a truly impressive 7.5Hz! This very low cut off gives the PV1D a much greater ability to display a sense of space and scale that is relevant for both movie effects and music. In spite of its still compact dimensions and elegant appearance, it is comparable to far larger subwoofers from an acoustic standpoint.  .

A new OLED display and touch button array provide easy access to a number of pre-sets and tuning options, while a custom version of the SubApp PC software provides more advanced set-up options.

The third element in the Mini Theatre series is the ASW608 subwoofer. While this model remains the same acoustically, it is now available in the same stunning Matte White finish as the M-1 loudspeakers.

Two possible 5.1 system configurations of the upgraded Mini Theater series are the MT-60D and MT-50.  These systems provide users with an immersive experience, but in relatively compact, discreet packages that fit easily into people’s lifestyles.  Both systems offer excellent performance, but the MT-60D sets new standards for what can be expected from a compact, stylish speaker package. This jump in quality is a result of partnering an up-graded M-1 loudspeaker, with the new PV1D, a dramatically improved version of the highly acclaimed opposed-drive-unit subwoofer. The MT-50, a more affordable system option, sees the new M-1s partnered with the ASW608 subwoofer.

Mini Theater is available early 2012 and costs:

M-1 – $250/ea.

PV1D – $1,700

ASW608 – $500

M-1 floor stand – $150/ea.

MT-50 – $1,750

MT-60D – $2,950

For additional information visit:


Watch Cellars presents display in King Jewelers Salon, Aventura, FL, USA

Brazilian company CTR, manufacturer of the Watch Cellars, announced that its first US display of custom-made watch winders and organizers is now at the King Jewelers salon, located in Aventura, Florida.

“We believe that this is a great opportunity for our exclusive clients and all watch collectors to actually see and experience this unique storage solution for their timepieces,” said Jonathan King of King Jewelers.

CTR’s Watch Cellars are custom cabinets and custom built safe designed to nicely display and properly store large collections of wrist watches, pocket watches and small table clocks. They offer an elegant, practical and organized solution to customers with large collections of fine timepieces.

“We are proud to have King Jewelers as our first partner to showcase a display in their upscale store,” said Carlos Tiburcio Ramos, president of CTR. “We are confident this will be a first step in a long-term relationship”.

The custom-made construction philosophy allows for a comprehensive variety of capacities, sizes and finishes, according to the customer’s needs, preferences and specific requirements. All fine watches are easily accessible for their owner to decide which one to pick up at just a glance.

The Watch Cellars feature state-of-the-art American-made ORBITA® watch winder modules, keeping mechanical (automatic or hand wound) wrist or pocket watches fully wound and working at their peak expected performance. Also, the delicate mechanisms of the watches will remain adequately lubricated; extending the timepieces’ useful life and less stress will be applied to time-setting components, like the watches’ crown and related mechanisms.

The Watch Cellars are precisely and beautifully custom made with exquisite woods by specialized craftsmen, lined with high quality natural leather, and installed at the customer’s premises. They can be equipped with advanced options, like electronic locks, secret lift systems and internal lightning with the use of LEDs (which feature a bright white light, with low operating temperature and reduced power consumption). The custom built safes are designed to house special treasures such as watches, jewelry, pens or even in some cases rare hand-made hunting rifles. They can be fitted with ORBITA® watch winders and specially designed for any objects.


Now Available: G–Wagon Aerodynamic Kit made by ASMA

Complete Body Kit comes with:


2. Front Bumper with 2 set LEDs

3. 4pcs. Fender Extensions ,

4. Rear Spoiler lip,

5. Rear roof spoiler

Parts ready to Ship from ASMA Germany


JL Audio introduces new JX Series amplifier

The JL Audio JX amplifiers have risen to the top of the company’s sales charts by delivering JL Audio’s no-nonsense, pure performance philosophy at very affordable price points.

Manville Smith, JL Audio’s V.P. of Marketing says, “The latest member of the JX lineup is a new Class D, 500 Watt monoblock, replacing the best-selling JX500/1. By shifting this model from traditional Class A/B technology to the more efficient Class D design, we were able to significantly reduce the size of the amplifier, while still delivering outstanding power and fidelity.”


Continuous Power: RMS method, 14.4V @ <1% THD+N
300W @ 4 ohms

400W @ 3 ohms

500W @ 2 ohms

Frequency Response: 10-150 Hz (+0, – 1 dB) Damping Factor: >1000 @ 4 ohms

Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.09 x 7.68 x 7.83 in (53 x 195 x 199 mm)

Availability:  First Quarter 2012

Suggested Retail Price:  USD $329.95/each