JL Audio Introduces its 8WXv2 Subwoofer Driver

The newest member of the WX lineup is the 8WXv2, offering excellent performance in small enclosures at a price that is within reach of any audio enthusiast.

Like all JL Audio subwoofer drivers, the WX’s are centered on a long excursion, DMA-optimized motor system, supported by our patented Elevated Frame Cooling and a highly linear suspension. This means they deliver lots of low-distortion, high-quality bass with all types of music.

Nominal Diameter: 8 in (200 mm)

Recommended Power Range: 50 – 150 W

Xmax: 0.35 in (8.9 mm) one-way, linear

Impedance: Single 4 ohm

Rec. Sealed Enclosure: 0.375 cu.ft. (10.6 l)

Mounting Depth: 4.28 in (108.7 mm)

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